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The Roulette is one of the casino table¬†games. It is an interesting casino game that plays with a ball and the wheel. On the wheel, that’s a total of 37 numbers for the players to predict – it from 0 to 36. During the gameplay, the player allows predicting the number as much as they prefer. And a single chip can predict with 2 or 4 numbers as well.

Besides that, the roulette is the great casino game that awards the higher winning odds among all casino games. It is awarding up to x36 winning odds for a number. If the player bets on 2 or 4 number, then the winning odds will divide by 2 and 4. It depends on the numbers of the bet.

Nevertheless, the roulette is including two differences kind of the game – European version and the American version. The European version is the above one. And the American version has additional one number on the wheel – (00). It increases the house edge and player hard to predict. So, the European version is the best one.