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SCR888 Download iOS | Download and Play SCR888 Casino on iPhone

SCR888 Download iOS

SCR888 Download iOS is the installation that allows you to play the games on your iPhone or iPad. The iOS is a format file for the installation and development of the Apple’s product. If you are using the iPhone then you are able to use the SCR888 download iOS for the SCR888 / 918 kiss installation.

SCR888 is the best Online Casino Malaysia. The SCR888 casino s providing more than 100 choices of the game after the SCR888 download iOS. They are offering the mobile gaming style for their users as well, so it may be convenient for online gambling with the small device. But it needs the SCR888 download iOS in order to gambling via mobile phone.

Why Mobile Online Gambling?

The Online Gambling is convenient to the gamblers that don’t need the travel to the land-based casino. So, it allows to gambling online via the device in the house or somewhere else. But the online casino is offering two styles of the online gambling – Web Browser and Mobile Gaming App. Both of them are giving the different experience to the users.

Back to the topic, the mobile online gambling will be the best. Because the mobile phone as belonging to the private item, the online gambling stuff store in the mobile will be the best. Besides, the mobile online gambling, then you can carry the mobile phone to anywhere easily even the overseas for the gameplay.

On the other hand, the SCR888 download iOS, it is spending once for the installation then play more than 100 games within an app. Unlike the Web Browser gaming, it needs to load everytime once wishing to enter the game.


How to Complete the SCR888 Download iOS?

The beginning of the SCR888 download iOS is to standby with the iPhone or an iPad for the installation. Then take a visit to the SCR888 download site, on the site has 2 format file for the installation – SCR888 APK and SCR888 iOS. For the iPhone users, you will need to download the SCR888 iOS with an Apple logo.

Once click on the button, it will download the application into the mobile phone’s screen automatically. After downloading of the SCR888 iOS, you are not allowing to open that application due to the Apple Inc. security policy. They don’t allow the outsource application to be installed on their device.

Solution of the SCR888 Download iOS on iPhone

It is not that hard to solve this issue on the iPhone, just make a change on the iPhone then able to play the SCR888 games. After doing the SCR888 Download iOS on the mobile screen. Then you have to complete the following steps to fully complete the SCR888 Download iOS on the iPhone: –

  • Go to “Settings” on the iPhone’s screen.
  • Then go to “General” and find the “Device Management”.
  • Under the “Device Management”, open the “All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.”
  • Then click “Trust” to tell the device that SCR888 is a trusted mobile application.

Once complete the four steps above, then you are allowing to start online gambling with the SCR888 casino on the iPhone. If you are using the iPad, please complete the following steps above as well.

SCR888 register account

SCR888 Register

SCR888 register is allowing you to sign up an account in order to gamble the SCR888 casino games. In Malaysia, there are more than a thousand of the SCR888 agents to assist you in the registration. For the online casino Malaysia, you are not allowing to create the account by yourself, but the agent will help to do so.

Pick the best and trusted SCR888 agent for the registration, as the money deposit and withdrawal are going through those SCR888 agents. They may scam your money while you are wishing to withdraw the money. Be careful of the online scammers. For the registration, you can do it after SCR888 download iOS, or after is allowing as well.

Top SCR888 Slot Games

The games among the SCR888 Casino, they have more than 100 games. However, the SCR888 slot game is occupying more than 60% of the game list. This is considering a lot of the slot games within a single mobile application. Besides, the SCR888 casino is including quite a lot of the top slot games Malaysia.

Great Blue Slot Game

The Great Blue is one of the top slot game in Malaysia. It is a slot game contain 25 lines and the ocean theme. With the killer whale as the main character of the slot, it helps you to win more money by double multiplier while the substitution. When the killer whale appears in a group, it becomes crazy of the multiplier to win big from the game.

Next, Great Blue is offering a bonus game to you as well. When 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the screen, you win 8 free spins and x2 multiplier automatically. Then there are 5 shells allow you to pick 2 of them in order to win more awards. This bonus game is allowing you to win up to 33 free spins or up to x15 multiplier.

Bonus Bear Slot Game

Time to picnic in a natural environment to intake the fresh air. The Bonus Bear is the popular slot game with the jungle picnic theme. It is an amazing slot game that provides 2 bonus games to you – Honey Bonus and Free Games. Both of them are awarding the high-value prize to the winner.

The Honey Bonus is triggering when 3 or more Beehives appear on the screen. During the Honey Bonus, you need to pick 1 out of 5 trees for the Bear to climb up the trees in order to find the Honey Pots. Each of the honeypots is including the cash prize value. The bonus game will end, once the Beehive is found on the tree. It is a crazy bonus game that allows winning more than hundred prizes with budget gambling.

Besides that, win a Free Game bonus when the Bear appears on the reel 2, 3, and 4. Then the game will award 15 free games and the x3 multiplier to you. During the Free Games, more free games can be re-triggered when the Bear appears on those reels again.


SCR888 Download iOS is the best mobile application for the gamblers. Download the SCR888 iOS for free from the SCR888 download site. Register an account and play with the SCR888 famous slot games to win the cash money now.

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