SCR888 Casino: What Are The Advantages?

scr888-casino-title SCR888 Casino

SCR888 Casino

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of gambling, you will most likely know that SCR888 Casino has become a major alternative to the traditional Genting Casinos you may have used to go. Many people stay away from SCR888 Casino simply because they aren’t certain about their credibility or whether SCR888 Casino offers any special advantages for them. In reality, there are plenty of advantages to playing at SCR888 Casino. There are many good reasons why players might want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Online Casino Malaysia.

Promotions & Offers

One of the biggest advantages to SCR888 / 918 Kiss is the valuable promotions that players receive from the casino itself. Imagine you were to walk into one of the Genting Casinos and sit down at the tables. The casino is unlikely to give you a special bonus just for playing, and even if you’re a regular customer, it’ll be hard to get more than a few small match play coupons.

SCR888 Casino, on the other hand, are happy to provide you with bonus funds to enjoy in the casino from the moment you sign up for an account. When you make your first deposit, you’ll be in line for a bonus, one that can often be worth hundreds or even thousands of ringgit. In fact, SCR888 will give you a bonus equal to the size of the deposit you make. A deal no other casino will ever offer you. And as you continue playing, SCR888 will track all of your play to provide you with more promotions, bonuses, and rewards based on your loyalty to the SCR888 Casino.


There’s simply no way that Genting Casinos can match the level of convenience that you get when playing at SCR888. While it might take you hours to get to Genting Casinos, and you might have to wait for a seat at your favorite game once you get there. Your favorite SCR888 is never more than a click away. There’s never a line at the blackjack table when playing at SCR888, either. These days, SCR888 are more convenient than ever thanks to advances in mobile gaming. Today, you can play all the casino games at SCR888 using a smartphone or tablet device. This means that wherever you have an Internet connection, you can play any of your favorite casino games.

SCR888 Casino: More Than 100 Games To Choose From

While Genting Casinos have a great game selection, they still can’t compete with the selection at SCR888. SCR888 offer a selection of several hundred games, including hundreds of unique slot games and several variations on each of the major table games. Combine that with SCR888 poker games and extra “specialty” options like arcade video games such as Wukong and Ocean King, Belangkai and more, and you get a game selection that even Genting Casinos will struggle to match.

But the game selection advantages aren’t just about the number of games available. Head into the Genting Casino and try to play a table game, and you’ll face minimum bets of RM100, RM250 or even more depending on which part of the casino and the time that you choose to go. SCR888, on the other hand, will allow you to play most table games for RM1 and sometimes even less. Some slot games can be played for as little as RM0.20 a spin.

Progressive Jackpots

If you’ve ever dreamed of winning a jackpot on a slot game at a casino, you can’t do much better than the progressive jackpots you’ll find on SCR888. With progressive jackpots that are linked not only to hundreds or thousands of players playing the same game at SCR888, but also often between several slot games, there are frequent jackpots available at SCR888 worth millions of ringgit! Combine all these factors together and it should be clear that SCR888 have significant advantages for players over Genting Casinos. If you’ve been looking to get the best value possible for your gambling bankroll and the widest possible range of options, SCR888 Online Casino is certainly the way to go.

SCR888 Casino: What Are The Advantages?
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