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Great Blue Slot Game, The Best Slot on SCR888 Online Casino

 Great Blue Slot Game

Great Blue Slot Game

The Great Blue slot game had developed by the Playtech Online Gaming Supplier. It is an online slot game spin to win. The Great Blue slot having more than 10 years of services in the industry. Nowadays, the Great Blue Slot game is the most famous slot game in Malaysia. As in Malaysia, it has more than million fans of spinning the game.

Although the Great Blue slot is powered by the Playtech Casino, a player able to found the slot from the SCR888 Online Casino. The SCR888 Casino is the partnership with the Playtech Casino to get more slot games and inserted into the SCR888 Gambling site.

SCR888 Online Casino

The SCR888 / 918 Kiss is the online casino Malaysia. It becomes one of the high popularity Online Gambling Site in Malaysia. The reason of the SCR888 famous is the Great Blue slot game inserted on their gambling site. The Great Blue slot had bought much of the benefits to the SCR888 Casino.

Within the SCR888 Casino, they not just have the Great Blue Slot. They include more than 100 choices of the casino games on the site. The 100 casino games in SCR888 Casino, those are the online slot games, video table games, and video arcade games. And the Great Blue is one of them.
Big Win with Great Blue Slot Game by SCR888 Online Casino

The Great Blue slot game, that’s a total of 5 reels and 25 lines on the screen of gameplay. Also, the game is designed with the ocean theme and a cute killer whale as the main character in-game.

Besides that, while playing the Great Blue, the player will come across the sea animals. They included the fish, sea turtle, sea star and other animals. Those animals are designed to accompany the lonely killer whale in the game.

The Valuable Symbols by Great Blue Slot Game

Every slot game has the symbols to represent how much allows the player to win the odd. However, in the Great Blue, the shell, killer whale, shark, sea turtle, sea horse, sea star, and fish. They are presenting the symbols of the slot game. The odd given by the symbols, they had sequence from the higher value to the lower value.

Nevertheless, those symbols are not meet the requirement of the number of symbols in the slot. So, the developer designed more symbols added into the game. There are the poker cards from card 9 to card Ace, with a total of 6 poker cards inserted into the game. Certainly, those poker card symbols are the lowest value in the game, which the odds has given up to x150 only.

The Wild and Scatter Symbols of Great Blue Slot Game

On the other hand, every slot has the wild symbol and scatter symbol to make the game more interesting. Some more those symbols will let the player win the money easily.

The wild symbol, it is presenting by the killer whale. It functions to make the substitution for all of the symbols, except the scatter symbol. Wild symbol makes the substitution, in order to join a winning combination to reward double prize for the player. Next, the wild symbol by Great Blue, it is known as the jackpot sign as well. It can win up to x10,000 per jackpot line.

The scatter symbol, it is presenting by the pink shell. The scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet of the game. Scatter will be special than others symbol does. The scatter wins can be paid when it appears anywhere on the screen, as long as appear more than two scatter symbols at the same time.

Bonus Games by Great Blue Slot Game

The Great Blue offer the bonus game as well. The player able to win a lot of money from the bonus game. The bonus game by Great Blue, it will trigger when the screen appears three or more scatter symbols same time. It awards 8 free games with x2 multiplier.

Besides that, before the bonus game start, the player needs to pick 2 shells out of 5 shells to awards more prize. The game allows the player to win up to 33 free games or up to x15 multiplier. It is a very high multiplier that others slot game doesn’t offer.

Good news, the game can win a number of free games during the Bonus Game Gameplay. When during the bonus game gameplay, the screen appears three or more scatter symbols again. Then the number of free games will be added with the initiate multiplier.

Great Blue’s Progressive Jackpot by SCR888 Casino

Believe most of the people have the idea with the SCR888 Progressive Jackpot. Yes, the progressive jackpot will trigger randomly after a conclusion of any games. Under SCR888 Casino, they inserted the feature into the Great Blue Slot Game to allow the player to win the cash prize.

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