918 Kiss IOS | Different Types Of Players in 918Kiss IOS

For those online casino players who have never played in 918Kiss before, you should consider giving this app a try.  This app can be played on many IT devices such as tablet computer, PC, smartphones and etc. Among so many IT devices, most of the players like to play it on the Apple iPhone. The 918 Kiss IOS file format can be supported on any iPhone models.  The app download file can be downloaded HERE. Many players claim that it is easier to win money to play in iPhone compared to other devices. Though, there is no evidence from the company to prove this statement right.

There are more than 150 types of online casino games offered in 918Kiss IOS. The games are categorized into 3 types which are the slot game, table game, and video arcade game. Compared to other online casino platforms, 918Kiss IOS has much more new games available in the app. Besides, the 918Kiss team will consistently add in new games to the app from time to time. Thus, players will not be bored in playing the app.


Types Of Players In 918Kiss IOS

Like other online casinos and the land-based casinos, 918Kiss has attracted many types of players to play in the app. In this article, we would like to share on the types of players that play in the app. It will provide a useful reference for you on what betting styles which will suit use the most to play in 918Kiss IOS.

The Aggressive Type

This type of players will bet aggressively in the game. Regardless they have a small bankroll or a big one, they will always go high amount in their bet. They would tend to play in the high risk and high return games such as Casino War. When they lose in one game, they will always double up the betting amount in the next game. When they spot an opportunity to win big, they will definitely go all in in the game. The advantage of being this type of player is that when they win the game, they will win massively.

However, there is also a risk of being this type of player as well, you will lose all your bankroll in a very short time when you are in losing streaks. Hence, it is important for you to set a budget limit for your bankroll before you start playing in the game. Do not exceed the budget limit in any case.

The Greedy Type

This type of players is pretty common in 918Kiss. Many players join 918Kiss with the purpose to win more money in short time. These players will bet even more when they are in the winning streaks. The more they win, the more they will bet in the next game. It is very difficult to ask them to stop or go for a break when they are in the winning streaks. Hence, this type of players always becomes the loser in the game at the end of the day.

The Analytical Type

The analytical type of players will like to do a lot of research before they start playing in the game. They will study the game rules, the probability of winning and the house edge in the game. They will not simply place their bet without understanding the game beforehand. These players always develop their betting strategy carefully before they start playing. Their objective is to always look for an effective strategy to increase their winning odds. All the research and strategies are to help them to increase their winning odds in the game. However, sometimes luck will play an important role in gambling as well, over-analyzing in a game will not 100% guarantee your win in the game.

The Passive Type

These players are less active in the app. They are not the frequent players in the app. Some of them only play the app when they are waiting for someone or during a short break. Time-spent in this app is not long for this group of players. Their main objective is just to kill some time. Some of them will only play the app when they get free credits. For this group of players, 918Kiss is potentially not the only online casino app that they play in. They are definitely not the loyal players of 918Kiss.


With so many types of players playing in 918Kiss IOS at the moment, the 918Kiss team has fully committed to improvising the features of the app from time to time in order to meet the demand and expectations of all the players.

918 Kiss IOS | Different Types Of Players in 918Kiss IOS
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