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918kiss Download

Given the sudden move by SCR888 to change its name to 918kiss, everyone seems to be busy looking around for the official 918 kiss download. Well, you have come to the right place. There just too many online casinos that claim to have the legit download link to 918kiss app.

Regardless whether you are looking for the 918kiss iOS download or even the 918kiss APK download, you are exposed to external harm if your download link is not official from 918kiss casino.

You may click on the download button below to download the latest 918kiss casino app.

Which 918kiss file should I download?

This is one of the most common questions that we come across all the time. However, we do understand your concern as there are just too many types of 918kiss download file available online.

However, you may need to take note that basically there are just two files that you need to pay attention to. The official download file for 918kiss casino is only 918kiss iOS download and also 918kiss APK android download. Any other files that differ from this file type would be categorized as the unofficial 918kiss download file.

What is the harm of unofficial download?

In worst case scenario, all your phone data will be hacked and shared online. There are many hackers that take advantage of the 918kiss popularity. They tend to spread around the infected 918kiss file among the public in order to steal data from your phone. Some of these unofficial 918kiss download files are infected with special coding, spyware, virus, Trojan, etc. These can greatly harm your devices on a short and long-term basis.

Therefore, it is always good to perform the 918kiss download from the legitimate site. Not only that it would be safe for your device, it will also save you a lot of hassle in the future.

918kiss iOS download

The 918kiss iOS download is mainly used for the iPhone users. Given that there are many types of iPhone in the market nowadays, 918kiss has a different download file prepared for iPhone users with different iOS.

Basically, you may find two types of iOS download file in the official 918kiss download site. There is one file for the user with iPhone 5s+ and there is another file for the user with iPhone 5 or iPhone 5-.

Make sure of the model of your phone and download the file accordingly. In the event where you have completed your download but the game doesn’t work as accordingly, there is a chance that you may have downloaded the wrong file. This is one of the common mistakes that the iPhone user made while performing the 918kiss download file for their iPhone.

If you still having trouble accessing the 918kiss casino after your download, you may talk to the live chat personnel on the bottom right corner of the screen. Most online casino would have 24/7 live chat personnel on standby to solve all your enquiries. Do feel free to ask them anything as they are here to serve you better.

918kiss APK Android Download

Moving on, we will talk about the 918kiss APK Android download. This 918kiss download file is only suitable for android users. The 918kiss APK Android download file is slightly different than the 918kiss iOS download. One thing good about this download is that it is more straightforward as compared to the iOS download.

Regardless of your android device and android version, the 918kiss APK Android download will work on all android device and all android version. This has saved a lot of confusion among the android users. To download the 918kiss APK Android download, just select the Android button once you are on the official 918kiss download page.


Generally, both 918kiss iOS and 918kiss APK Android download will have the same functionality and stability for the casino players. Both files will provide the same amount of fun and exciting games for the users. With more than 140 games in the 918kiss’s game list, you are sure to find the perfect game that will enable you to win big rewards for great entertainment.

With such a high winning odds in the 918kiss slot game, it is better that you perform the 918kiss download now. After the download, you may register your account here and start winning big with your bets. Good Luck!!

918Kiss Download | 918Kiss iOS Download | 918Kiss APK Android
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