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918Kiss Casino Online | Benefits Of Playing 918 Kiss Roulette

918Kiss Casino Online

There are many types of online casino games available in the 918Kiss Casino Online. For those who never heard of 918 Kiss, it is actually the most popular online casino app in Malaysia at the moment. It is normally being downloaded and played on the mobile device. Whether you are an Android phone user or an iOS phone user, you can download and install the 918Kiss Casino Online app into your mobile device for free. Then you can register your account for free and get some free credits at the same time. For the free credits, no deposit is required.

Basically, 918Kiss Casino Online has 3 types of casino games. They are the slot game, table game, and video arcade game. Each type of the game has their own fans. For those players who are the regulars in the land-based casino last time, their preference in 918Kiss is always the table game. In the land-based casino, table game is normally played between the players and a human dealer. The minimum bet for the table game is generally quite high compared to slot game.

However, this is not the case in the 918Kiss app. In 918Kiss, you will be playing against an AI dealer which operated by Random Number Generator System. There will be no other players playing at the same table with you as well. Hence you will be not influenced by other players and there is no external distraction when you are playing in the game. Furthermore, the minimum bet for table game in 918Kiss is much lower compared to the land-based casino. You do not need to have a big budget of money to play in the app.


Most Popular Table Game: Roulette

Most of the table games involved with playing cards, however, that is not the case in Roulette. The playing equipment in Roulette is a roulette wheel with a mini ball. Even though statistics show that the number of players loses in the game is much higher than the players who win in the game, it is still the top preference game for most of the players when comes to table games. It is the only table game which can give you massive winning payout with a small amount of bet.

When you are lucky enough, this scenario can definitely happen. Generally, there are 37 columns in the wheel which numbered from 0 to 36. However, this also depends on which type of roulette you are playing as there are European Roulette and American Roulette. There is a slight variation between these 2 types of roulette in terms of the wheel layout and the game-play.

For a beginner in roulette, you are advised to learn the rules of roulette and the game-play first before you start to play the game. It would be even better if you can learn up some roulette betting strategies and practice them without using your own money. You can find these strategies through online casino articles. It will help to increase your chances of winning the game. Do not bet blindly on roulette game because it will definitely clear up your bankroll in a short time.


Why You Should Play Roulette In 918Kiss

First of all, when you are a new player in 918Kiss, you will get a generous amount of welcome bonus. Then you can use these free bonuses to play in the Roulette instead of using your own money. So, even you lose in the game, it will not affect your own budget at all. It will be even better if you can win the game by using these free bonuses, where you can build up your bankroll from there.

In 918Kiss Casino Online, you can also choose to play Roulette in the free play mode. There will be no real money involved at all in the free play mode. So, you can use this platform to practice your betting strategy in the game. In order to enter free play mode, you need a test id account first. You can always get this test id account from your 918Kiss trusted agent. The test id account is free and does not require any deposit. So, feel free to make full use of this benefit to help you increase your winning odds in the roulette.

In case, you can’t find any effective strategy through online, you can also seek help from the trusted agent and the live chat team. They are willing to share you some of the secret tips which will increase your winning odds in the game. If you want to win big in roulette, don’t feel shy to ask. The winning chance will be always there for you.



No doubt roulette is the most famous table game in 918Kiss at the moment, it is also worthwhile to explore other table games in the app which will also give you fun and thrilling experience.

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