Winning Sic Bo Strategy That No One Knows


Sic Bo Strategy

Don’t expect a miracle sic bo strategy. This is a game of chance and that can’t be manipulated, and besides which that’s why we play this game. Remember it’s fun and exciting because of its unpredictable nature. If it was predictable then it would lose its charm. With this in mind, every game has some strategies that can push you in the direction of a winning streak. And sic bo’s no exception.

A Slower Game

First of all, like we said there is much fun to be had from this game, so why race through it? Secondly, and probably more relevantly, few of us have the bankroll we would wish for, therefore if you can play for longer by slowing down the game then surely this is advantageous. The best way of creating a slower game is to set your goals for small but frequent. This sic bo strategy will certainly create a longer playing experience for you, and it can also prove to be an incredibly successful sic bo strategy. “Big” or “small” bets pay out even money, and whichever one you bet on in the long run is going to win 50% of the time, thus minus the house edge, you are going to more or less win 50% of the time.

Going For The Middle Ground

Call me overly cautious but in general, there’s no point in going for the huge wins. They have incredibly high payouts because they are unlikely to come up. Therefore, if you want a little bit more risk, and a bit more excitement then you should go for the middle-ground bets. The middle ground bets are the ones that have great payouts and come up some of the time. Great examples of this type of bet are the doubles bet. The doubles bet pays decently, and whilst it doesn’t come up every time by any stretch of the imagination it does appear regularly. The payout varies from casino to casino, but will usually be between 5:1 and 10:1 making this a pretty good bet. Other good middle-ground bets are the sum bets. The odds for these vary between around 6:1 and 50:1.

What About The Big-Win?

Every gambler dreams of the big win, however, you have to be realistic about the chances. In sic bo, the prediction of a specific 3 or a kind roll pays out at 150:1. A dream come true. However, there’s a reason why that’s the payout. It rarely happens. Therefore, there is no strategist that can tell you this is a good bet. However, one could tell you that it’s a fun bet and thus shouldn’t be disregarded. If you can’t resist the possibility or the hope of this win, then go for it, but do it safely. Don’t bet big on this, and don’t bet randomly. If you are going to make this bet, the best chance you have of winning is to bet consistently. However, due to the odds, you are going to lose this bet the majority of the time. Therefore, you should only bet a small amount.

Combine Your Bets

Of course, you are not restricted to middle-ground, slower game, or big-time bets. You can mix and match as much as you like, and even play the strategies simultaneously. For the most part, if your bankroll allows it, you may prefer to play bigger bets on the slower game wagers, and smaller bets on the middle-ground wagers, thus minimizing your risks whilst maximizing your possible returns.


First of all, this is a fun game, therefore enjoying the play, and approaching it with a relaxed attitude is essential. Getting hot and bothered never helped anyone win. Take the good rounds with a cheer and the bad with a shrug.

If you are new to the game, or interested in getting started, sic bo can seem like a difficult game to get a handle on, but it’s not. It’s actually one of the easiest games to be found in the casino. Therefore, take your time in the free-play mode to understand the game, what’s going on, and how it all works. This will pay off in the long run. You can always play sic bo at SCR888 Online Casino. We recommend you to use this strategy or read on our other strategies like SUPER TURBO AUTO WIN WITH OUR SIC BO STRATEGY! And try it on SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia. Good luck and have fun!

Winning Sic Bo Strategy That No One Knows
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